• Artificial Intelligence for Labor Management​

    When Labs​

  • Gustaf for Hospitality

    When Labs focuses on creating natural, easy to use technology to handle ambiguity and constraints in broad multi-stakeholder systems.


    When Labs' Gustaf solution helps hospitality and other service industry managers to balance efficiency with fairness in both union and non-union environments. Gustaf acts like an artificially intelligent manager's assistant, handling paperwork and contacting staff on behalf of managers, ensuring consistency and compliance.

  • Technology

    When Labs' technology solves real time problems

    with multiple stakeholders, ambiguity and constraints

    Artificial Intelligence

    Partial constraint satisfaction

    When Labs' technology balances rules and preferences by encoding a series of constraints, then surfacing best-fit alternatives. Employer rules, labor regulations, collective bargaining agreements, and employee preferences are all encoded as situation-specific constraints and weighed in real-time against resource availability.

    Machine Learning

    Big data

    Continuous daily interaction with the platform by all stakeholders generates data streams which are collected and managed for audit and compliance risk, as well as for ongoing systemic improvement of the constraint library.

    Natural Interfaces

    Chatbots and speech recognition

    Technology interaction is simplified to obviate application loading and staff training. Most staff simply phone or text as they would contact management today, and most rollouts are as simple as a policy change of whom to contact.

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